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Falcon Scarer

Price £28.02

Falcon Scarer used as bird repellers for hundreds of years. The effect of the decoys rely on the birds' fear of predators - pigeons and other small birds believe the life-size falcon to be a threat and will therefore stay away from the area where the plastic hawk decoy is situated.

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Owl Scarer

Price £26.40

Owl Scarers are one of the most commonly used bird scaring devices to scare pigeons and other pest species of birds from their perching and roosting sites

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Heron Scarer

Price £26.34
Heron Scarer realistic looking, durable 30 inches. Manufactured from a durable construction with integral base stand. Weatherproof with natural colouring to deter pests in garden areas. Weather-proof material ensures heron repeller is suitable for all year round use. Comes complete with fixing stake into ground
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Magpie Decoy

Price £7.92

Magpie Decoy - Realistically textured fully flocked magpie decoy with made from lightweight plastic. The life like features of this decoy help to attract other birds to your placed location or repel vermin.

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Flock Crow Decoy

Price £7.20

These full bodied flock coated Crow Decoys will fool the smartest of birds - the flock coating looks ultra realistic and prevents shine or reflection whatever the weather conditions. These are proven to be great for use amongst your pattern on the ground and intermingled with flocked crow shell decoys and / or our Sillosocks Crow windsock decoys.

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Flock Coated Shell Pigeon

Price £4.74
Flock Coated Pigeon Shells do all the same things as your regular decoy but the flocked coating reduces and chance of glare from reflected sunlight alerting wary pigeon to the fact your decoys aren’t real birds.
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