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Croots Malton Bridle Cartridge Bag

Price £354.00

Croots Malton Bridle Cartridge Bag has a hinged speed load design allowing for easy access. It has a 2" wide cotton webbing shoulder sling for comfort and there is a full suede lining.

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Electronic Ear Muffs

Price £89.94
Electronic Ear Muffs. Lightweight & palm size. Excellent noise reduction SNR 22dB. Comfortable ear cushions.
Availability: 1000 In Stock

Canvas Cartridge Bag (100 Cartridges)

Price £60.00

Manufactured in the UK, the Bisley Cartridge Bags are waterproof polyester with a PVC backing for added strength, protection and padding. The leather fittings are hand-cut from a large skin and sewn into place. The buckles are brass which, although is more expensive than other materials, adds strength and a more authentic look. Each bag features a comfortable adjustable strap with leather and brass fittings. Holds 100 cartridges.

Availability: 999 In Stock

Telescopic Hide Poles Set of 4

Price £56.40

Telescopic Hide Poles are in sets of 4, lightweight aluminium poles, black coated, pointed vee tops, closed size 1.15m extendible to 2.15m high. easy to carry and construct.

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Game Bag Large

Price £36.00

Game Bag manufactured in the UK, the Bisley Game Bag is made from waterproof polyester with a PVC backing for added strength, protection and padding.

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Beater Horn

Price £31.20

Beater Horn is nickel plated. A loop on the horn allows for a cord attachment or lanyard, to hang around the users neck

Availability: 999 In Stock

Shotgun Cover Green Canvas

Price £30.00

Rifle Cover Deluxe is manufactured in the UK. Made from a waterproof polyester with a sheepskin fleece lining for protection and padding.

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Falcon Scarer

Price £28.02

Falcon Scarer used as bird repellers for hundreds of years. The effect of the decoys rely on the birds' fear of predators - pigeons and other small birds believe the life-size falcon to be a threat and will therefore stay away from the area where the plastic hawk decoy is situated.

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Owl Scarer

Price £26.40

Owl Scarers are one of the most commonly used bird scaring devices to scare pigeons and other pest species of birds from their perching and roosting sites

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Position Finder (1-12)

Price £26.40

Position Finder (1-12) Pocket sized peg position wallet supplied complete with 12 aluminum peg numbers for drawing your pegs on a shoot day.

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Heron Scarer

Price £26.34
Heron Scarer realistic looking, durable 30 inches. Manufactured from a durable construction with integral base stand. Weatherproof with natural colouring to deter pests in garden areas. Weather-proof material ensures heron repeller is suitable for all year round use. Comes complete with fixing stake into ground
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Double Game Carrier

Price £20.40

Double Game Carrier - Made from quality leather and galvanised steel for easy carrying of various game birds.

Availability: 999 In Stock

Spring Operated Alarm Gun

Price £17.47

Spring Operated Alarm Gun. A simple, safe, reliable device for use where poaching is a problem. When the intruder activates the trip wire, a weight is released which sets off a blank 12g cartridge in a chamber. The resultant noise serves the double purpose of scaring the poacher off and raising the alarm. The low cost device is zinc plated and the chamber is nitro-proofed for 12G blank cartridges

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Price £14.10
Sewelling for use at the front of game drives. 75 feet in length
Availability: 995 In Stock

Single Game Carrier

Price £13.62

Single Game Carrier - Made from quality leather and galvanised steel for easy carrying of various game birds.

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Larder Hooks Brass (10)

Price £13.14

Larder Hooks made from brass. Designed to be fixed to a vertical face and engage neck of game. Packs of 10

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Anti Game Stray (50ml Bottle)

Price £10.50

Anti Game Stray (50Ml Bottle) We have formulated a blend of 3 precious oils which when mixed with feeding stuffs (just 2 drops per 10kg) attracts all game birds and helps to prevent strays. The contents of one 50ml bottle can be mixed with 1 litre of corn oil. Will treat 1 tonne of feed.

Availability: 973 In Stock

Magpie Decoy

Price £7.92

Magpie Decoy - Realistically textured fully flocked magpie decoy with made from lightweight plastic. The life like features of this decoy help to attract other birds to your placed location or repel vermin.

Availability: 1000 In Stock

Hand Tally Counter

Price £6.60

Hand Tally Counter approximately 2" diameter, which records to 9,999 Portable, Compact Design. Simple Thumb push advances the count. Designed to comfortably fit in palm of your hand easy to use. Zero Clearing Knob on right hand side. No Batteries Required

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Beater Flags

Price £5.22

Beater Flags used to indicate the end of the line on a pheasant shoot. Size 34" x 20". Fluorescent Orange. Pole sold separately

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