The WaterMaster 2E has a diameter of 32mm and is suited to Broilers, Pullets and Lagers. This drinker utilises the proven and reliable BEC Drinker Valve designed and manufactured here in the UK. The size of the drinker selected can also depend on the space available to the individual keeper, the smaller Bec 75 version is ideal for most keepers and especially the keepers of bantams, the WM2E will suit all birds of all sizes. All the drinkers are designed to be used from a separate header tank; they are gravity fed and are all adjustable for the water level in the drink tray. They are easily dismantled and very easy to adjust, the drinker comes with a removable filter in the top that can be removed to clean. Spares for each auto drinker are also available. They are all ideal for use as a single drinker or as multiple drinking systems.


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